About Us

Laptop Battery HQ is more than a top notch online laptop battery store - we’re everything you shop online for. Lowest prices, highest quality, leading brands and the “you click, we deliver” convenience the Internet was made for. But that’s just where we start.

Today, there is a super-abundance of laptop computers, on the market, vying for your attention. But regardless of brand or model, snappy options or snazzy looks – it’s all
about the battery, baby. Laptop Battery HQ knows about batteries. And we want you to know, too.

So, in addition to offering you thousands of batteries for the most popular laptop brands, the lowest prices and highest quality service, guarantees and warranties the big brands don’t always offer, we still offer you more.
We offer you the answers. Knowledge. Updates. Comparisons. Reviews. We want to “fire you up” with all the best product information. The why’s, the why-not’s and the

Now that you know who we are, we’d also like to show you what we can do. So order your replacement laptop battery right now. You’ll have it on hand when you need it and you’ll have Laptop Battery HQ when you need us, too.